The Virtues of Medical Insurance

When it comes to living our lives, safety is a primary concern to just about everybody. Including, believe it or not, thrill seekers. You see, when we know we have the utmost chances of being taken care of in our hour of need, we are much more prone to taking risks, whether extreme or minimal. Some risk, of course, is necessary from time to time, and you really need to feel like the universe has your back, and the closest thing to divine intervention you’re likely to get is insurance. There are myriad types of insurance, each with their pros and cons, but some insurance is surely one of the most necessary, but sadly lacking, things in modern society.

Especially when it comes to medical insurance. Can you believe that so many people simply don’t believe we deserve universal healthcare? To those people, I’d like to say that all of us today have had a run in with someone that was once fatal to someone, and it’s access to medical facilities that keeps us all going strong, especially when you consider that the very invention of modern medicine, and everything that comes along with it, has had the unintended side effect of allowing some nasty genes to slip through the cracks of evolution.

We are generally much more sickly and prone to sickness than evolution would have allowed to perpetuate itself prior to medicinal intervention, so, in a very real sense, we are owed medical attention, because we are now born beholden to it. As a child, I had a rare blood disease that could have killed me, but thanks to constant medical attention, I managed to survive. This time last year, I came down with a nasty autoimmune disorder, and though it’s still hanging around, I’m alive, at least. Everyone should have medical insurance so that they can grab some fishing gear West Marine and go on a fishing trip without having to worry about what’ll happen if they cut themselves on a fish hook.

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